Innovative Product Design Services

We believe that innovative product design is built on a solid foundation, one that is layered with knowledge from business strategies, user insights and research, brand positioning, and engineering. We have been collaborating with some of our clients for 10 to 15 years, and over half our team has been in the industry for no less than 15 years. With our deep-seated experience and insights into the market, we produce solutions that have a compelling visual impact, responsive usability, and innovative functionally—all underlined with powerful business imperatives that support our clients’ needs and objectives.

Every industrial design and development project goal is unique. Therefore, we begin with a basic framework, which we customize to each client’s needs. First we take a broad overlook and brainstorm with our clients about big ideas and big solutions. From this exploration we create initial concepts. Then comes the narrowing down: the concept refinement. Doing so pulls strengths from every discipline, refining sketches, generating renderings, and making prototypes.

Our product design capabilities include:

  • Concept sketches
  • Concept renderings
  • Blue-sky explorations
  • Form exploration
  • Brand attributes
  • Solid and surface CAD modeling
  • Color analysis
  • Mockups and appearance models