Prototyping Services:
Testing for success

Our prototyping services and in-house shop can handle everything from quick breadboard mock-ups to short-run production, allowing us to test ideas at each step of the way. The more we test our ideas, the faster we can determine the next steps, refine concepts, and be assured of the outcome. Plus we can address problems earlier in the process when adjustments aren’t costly to make.

Prototyping allows us to analyze function, appearance, human factors, production viability, and the innovation itself. For example, rough foam-core mock-ups help engineers and clients envision a mechanical movement. Designers and clients can test the fit of a handle. CNC-machined blocks can test durable parts, and models can be painted or finished to mimic production-like surfaces. Since human factors and ergonomics can’t be tested on screen, we can instead make 3D-printed prototypes overnight and by morning be validating the concept.

While powerful CAD software can render anything beautifully, nothing speaks better than the real thing.

Our in-house prototyping capabilities include:

  • Prototype development
  • Engineering prototypes
  • Functional mock-ups
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Breadboard models
  • Appearance models
  • Short-run production