Transcending the norm

Writing a research paper can seem like a daunting task. MeadWestvaco approached Design Central to develop a paper product that would walk students through the process. Through brainstorming we determined that an interactive application would be more effective.

Researching a new model

A team of designers from MeadWestvaco and Design Central visited schools with varying demographics. Observing teachers and students allowed us to learn the most efficient way to write a research paper. The team partnered on every aspect of the project, from the logo and look of each screen to every bit of information embedded in the application.

The Mead Builder Research Paper Edition helps students write better research papers. The intuitive user-friendly application guides students through the six steps of a research paper: schedule, thesis, research, organization, outline, and writing. By housing it on a flash drive, students can work on their research papers anywhere there is a computer.

Pioneering a new market

Before its launch, nothing like the Mead Builder existed. Starting from a desire to help students succeed, a new tool was built from scratch, helping MeadWestvaco pioneer a new market.

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